Over 60% of American employees are working from home since the recent pandemic started. Business experts report that for many employees, this work arrangement could be permanent. And managers know it is essential to keep encouraging and motivating their teams. Research shows happy employees are more productive. One way to maintain employee engagement is to offer remote workers recognition using the right benefits. Here are six ideas.

  1. Technology updates With more employees working from home, employers are spending less money on building maintenance, new equipment and supplies. Invest these savings in giving employees technology tools they need to improve their home office. Offer an allowance for faster internet service or upgrades for digital devices, monitors or printers. It will improve productivity, too. However, make sure your employees protect their vision when using digital devices.
  2. Workspace tools Employees working from a remote office or coffee shop can get distracted by other people and sounds. Give employees headphones or earbuds to help them block out noise. Or, encourage workers to use online apps to cancel out disruptive sounds. You also could provide money for employees to buy a new desk or chair. Using the right equipment can help employees avoid neck and shoulder pain, and eyestrain. You’ll end up with happy employees who also are more productive.
  3. Schedule flexibilityRemote employees often juggle many family responsibilities. Provide flexibility so they can adjust work hours as needed. Some employers also are giving employees more vacation time. Other businesses allow workers unpaid time off to care for family and personal needs. When employees’ needs are met, it’s easier for them to stay focused and productive during work hours.
  4. Childcare assistanceMany remote employees have young children at home. Offer financial help with daycare costs, or before and after school care. Also, consider providing age-appropriate busy boxes for kids to use while their parent or parents are working. These thoughtful gestures will help employees be more productive and keep their kids happy, too.
  5. Well-being programsEmployees enjoy having health and well-being benefits. Popular benefits include help with finances, mental health and physical fitness needs. Just as popular, workers want more training to improve their work skills and knowledge. Offering these programs helps encourage and reassure employees as they adjust to working from home. Review additional tips to help employees cope with work changes.
  6. Rewards and perks Remote workers need regular team meetings to stay connected. These meetings are a good time for employees to share experiences and ideas. During group time, thank employees for their work. Recognize accomplishments with a gift card or special delivery to their home. These rewards encourage employees and remind them that you care. In turn, you will enjoy the benefits of grateful, happy, productive employees.


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