Benefits you can offer where everyone wins. Creating a workplace where people feel supported and confident about their financial future begins with the choice you make in a benefits partner. Because when your employees are confident about their financial futures, chances are they’re more productive in the present. The CG Wealth Solutions Group will help you to build a committed workforce, with protection solutions and guidance to help your employees improve their financial wellness. 

  • Group Whole Life Insurance is a permanent, cash-accumulating life insurance option that can protect your employees beyond traditional term policies. While it does what you might expect – pays out a death benefit – it also builds cash value employees can potentially use for a variety of financial goals.

  • Group Accident Insurance. If you employees have an injury due to a covered accident that enders them unable to work, costs can add up fast. Group accident insurance provides yoru employees with a lump-sum benefit paid directly to them, which can be used as they choose. This means added financial resources to help with medical costs or unexpected expenses. It is insurance that is flexible, convenient, and portable. *

*Portability not available in all states